1. genderofthenight:

    Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: Brutalist Architecture

  2. like for skeleton. reblog for blood skeleton.




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  3. horror-movie-confessions:

    J-horror is vastly superior to American slashers, except for the Ring and Grudge remakes.”

    look at this weeaboo dork

  4. americanapparel:

    SHOP crops and minis!

    is this a corpse you rigged up with wires? be honest, fam

  5. redbull:

    Recharge for the weekend. #ilikeBLUE

    piss in my fucking mouth

    • me: windows 98, engage the hell simulation
    • windows 98: [ENGAGING]
    • windows 98: [1000 YEARS OF PAIN BEGINS NOW]
    • me: cool
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  8. oscob:



    You know who hates on Kanye?

    1. boring ass fuckboys
    2. fuckboys who hate seeing a black man make it

    Or you know, people with musical taste.

    ^boring ass fuckboy running an anti-feminist blog^

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  9. reblog if capitalism ruined ur chill aesthetic

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